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  The Core Star Advanced Healing Training is available to students who have completed the Foundations of Healing Series.  "Ascension" is the second year of training and "Manifestation" is the third year.

Students will enter into an in-depth training in the art of healership (which necessarily includes a deeper understanding of the art of living).  The format is ten Intensives that will meet from Thursday evening to Sunday noon.  Five Intensives will be offered per year, which provides adequate time for assimilation and inclusion of the learnings from the Intensives into the student's life and healership. In June of each year, those students who have successfully done the other nine Intensives will take a final Graduation Intensive.  Many of these Intensives can be accomplished out of order.  Each Intensive addresses a theme comprising an aspect of healership training, and includes advanced skills and techniques, additional development of high sense perception, and deeper understanding of the human energy field.  The name of each intensive provides information as to the content, and also an opportunity for students to develop deeper understandings of their individual relationship to the core quality that is presented.

Content of Intensives:

Each Intensive in the Advanced Healing Training will address a particular theme directed toward the development of the student's healership.  Each will have advanced skills and techniques, additional development of high sense perception skills and a deeper understanding of the human energy field. Some of the major skills and subjects addressed in the Intensives include: ASCENSION: INDIVIDUATION:  This Intensive focuses on the illusion of separation experienced by humans as they enter the dual realm of material/spiritual existence, and their adaptations to this illusion:  characterology, wound, ego, defense, image, high self, low self, and mask, are among the major learnings. SURRENDER:  The major skills addressed include 5th level surgery and similar high vibration techniques. CONNECTION:  The major skills and techniques for this Intensive are working with the relationship cords between people, and working with the energetic healing of relationship issues. INCARNATION:  The major skills involved in this intensive include astral event healings (including, among others, those events referred to as "other lifehoods," "past lifetimes," etc.) OPENING:  Opening to one's own healership and wholeness implements "The Seven Windows to Wholeness," as both techniques and methods of facilitating this process to clients are explored.  MANIFESTATION: INTENTION:  This Intensive includes teaching Healing from the Intention Realm -- Core Star's unique approach and teaching of helping clients from the next deeper place than the energy bodies..  WHOLENESS:  This Intensive continues with the Seven Windows to Wholeness from the Opening Intensive of the Ascension series.  Here, Windows 5, 6, and 7 (both techniques and methods of facilitating this process to clients) are explored. BALANCE:  Incorporating the Intention learnings into an expanded Intention line and the super-astral aspects of the Human Energy Field (levels 8 through 11), help the student use all of his/her aspects in experiencing and working with an expanded human consciousness. TRANSCENDENCE:  The major skills and techniques for this theme include aura cleansing from the 6th and 7th levels, and similar modes. GRADUATION:  This Intensive will provide opportunity for the remaining Case Presentations by Students; address final skills to be taught, and provide for the Graduation experience from the Core Star Healing Training Program.  __________________________________________________________________

Progression through the Intensives toward graduation:      There is also a progression for students as they move through the nine Intensives.  Students entering the first Intensive will begin a symbolic 9-step journey, so that each Intensive will be focused and experienced from different perspectives. The advancement of the students through the nine steps as they take the nine different Intensives are the prerequisites to qualify for the graduation experience.

For Class Dates for the Advanced 2016 - 2017 classes Click here

The Core Star Advanced Healing Training classes are brought to you by the Kansas City Healing Project, Inc. A 501(c)3 not for profit organization.

Non-Discrimination Statement:

The Core Star Energy Healing Training Program admits students of any race, color, national and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the school. It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national and ethnic origin in administraion of its educational policies, scholarship and loan programs and other school administred programs.


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