What is Healing?

The following examples are actual clients' experiences here at Core Star. We have changed the names of the clients to preserve their identity.

John came to our healing center with a recent diagnosis of lung cancer. Medical doctors told him the lung condition was inoperable. He decided to seek alternative treatments. He was working with nutrition and visualization, and we started a series of energy sessions. After ten healings over a ten-month period, the doctors were surprised to find that John had experienced a "spontaneous remission," and had no more evidence of lung cancer. 

Donna was a 39 year-old woman with several complaints. She had digestive tract symptoms, was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome, was unhappy with her job, and felt fatigue. She felt like everyone imposed on her and expected her to do things for them without appreciation. She was also frustrated at being 30 pounds overweight and unable to effectively lose weight with any dieting program she had tried. The first two or three sessions gave her some symptomatic relief, which encouraged her to continue with energy treatments. In another seven sessions, she reached the point of connecting with and releasing some long-held energies of rage and frustration that had been coagulating in her system since childhood. In succeeding months, Donna experienced what she described as a "joyful presence" in her life, was able to change her job circumstances, and established better boundaries so that she no longer felt exploited. As she began to experience herself as a happy person, she successfully let go of the excess weight she had been carrying. 

Alice came in because she felt low in energy, and emotionally was dissatisfied with her life. She felt aimless and without direction. After four sessions, she had much better energy, and found a sense of meaning in the activities she undertook. 

Mary was a 4 ½ year-old girl with T-Cell Leukemia. She was undergoing an extensive chemotherapy protocol that caused her a great deal of sickness and side effects. By doing three sessions, ½ hour in length, during the week of the chemotherapy, she was able to avoid the leg pains, many of the other sickness symptoms, and her platelet count returned to normal much faster than it had before she started the energy treatments. Two years later, she finished the chemotherapy protocol, and she is now a nine year-old girl living a normal life." 

Karen had broken her toe and had a bruised foot from a car wreck. A couple of energy sessions brought her relief from the swelling, discoloration, and pain much sooner than her doctor had predicted. 

Frank accomplished his healing purpose in only one session. He was unclear about why he was feeling so negative about the job that only six months before had been his life-long dream. In feedback involving his patterns of energy, he gained a sense of understanding, and resolved the negative feelings.

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