Jim Crabtree is the Founder of Core Star, and the three-year Core Star Healing Training. He is the originator of the 7-step process for connecting with the Wholeness Intention, and is author of The Seven Windows to Wholeness.   In providing over 9,000 individual healing sessions and teaching workshops, seminars and classes, Jim has also developed many other techniques.  Jim graduated from the four year Barbara Brennan School of Healing and taught classes at that school for two years after graduating.

Schedule of  2014 Dates for Individual Sessions in Kansas City:  March 7 to March 10; March 21 to 27;  April 21 to April 29, May 5 to May 10; May 29 to June 7; July 7 to July 17; August 11 to August 16; September 22 to September 29; October 10 to October 18; November 3 to November 14; December 15 to December 19; December 23 to 24..

John Hoefer is a graduate of the Core Star Energy Healing Training Program.  Since graduating, he founded and is director of the Kansas City Healing Project, which provides energy healing sessions to cancer patients.  In addition to having a healing practice, his passion is to broaden the awareness of the impact and benefits of energy healing work.  John is trained in other areas of healing work, including working with Rev. Rosalyn Bruyere and Sonja Choquette.  He is also a Kahuna Reiki Master.  He has served as a chaplain and prayer circle leader at his church.  John's website is


Maril Crabtree is an energy practitioner, spiritual coach, and writer.  She has studied hands-on-energy healing with Barbara Brennan, and is a Graduate of Core Star.  She offers her skills, holistic understanding, and wisdom energy in loving partnership with you and the Universe as you walk your healing path.

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